• Donations

    1. KINSAF works with the aim to CREATE an interface between government, private sector, small and medium scale enterprises and large industrial organizations and civil society to achieve the set objectives
    2. KINSAF promotes business and industrial activities in communities, with environmental concerns in mind in order to advance economic growth, environmental sustainability and industrial development via co-operative activities.
    3. KINSAF network is developing innovative solutions for poverty alleviation and sustainable development with Diaspora participation.
    4. KINSAF combines global experiences and local knowledge of members through its network and its links to professionals and global trade associations
    5. KINSAF focuses particularly on co-operative advocacy for policy reforms ,particularly the process for policy implementation, public awareness ,outreach programmes and government leadership with improved citizens participation regarding socio-development, economic/industrial exports and initiatives
    6. KINSAF network has access to world class experts with demonstrated track records of success
    7. KINSAF also focuses on intergroup Dispute or Conflict Resolution community integration and provision of access to business enhancing facilities for marginalized groups of Africans both at home and in the Diaspora.
    8. KINSAF hopes to establish a  RE-INTEGRATION-WELCOME CITY  to be known as DIASPORA CITY in ABUJA the capital city of Nigeria and later in the States. Facilities in the RE-INTEGRATION-WELCOME CITY SHALL be accessible also to all black people, the world over who are interested or engage in tracing back their roots to Africa and Nigeria. The purpose of this is also to offer a sense of belonging to all peoples of African origin that may decide to return to the MOTHER CONTINENT.
    9. The RE-INTEGRATION-WELCOME CITY shall however be preceded by the KINSAF GARDEN where all African nations shall be represented. These nations through their Embassies in Abuja shall take on the responsibility of embellishing their allocated “thatched roof huts” provided by KINSAF and its partners.   This shall be a Culture Exchange Centre.

    Ii Other African countries may adopt same in their countries.


    FINALLY, KINSAF stands ready to continuously collaborate with development partners [Public and Private] in the following areas:


    1. Assessment of and designing development programmes around the 17 points “Sustainable Development Goals” [SDG’s]. This is aimed at enhancing the pace and rate of execution and level of impact of national development that promotes EVEN DEVELOPMENT.


    1. KINSAF plans to collaborate with and obtain assistance from the Specialized agencies of the United Nations, other Multilateral and, Bi-Lateral, private Development Partners, philanthropists in the following areas of :


    1. Programmes’ needs assessment 9SDG focused)
    2. Project development;
    • Project Execution [government, partners, Diaspora experts];
    1. Equipments provision.
    2. Project Review and Evaluation.
    3. Environmental and national impact assessment of projects.


    1. KINSAF encourages the instituting of a “PILOT STRATEGIC INTERVENTION PROGRAMME FOR SDG EFFECTIVENESS” in the FCT-Abuja with Diaspora support with the aim of replication in the six (6) geo-political zones of the country.