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    KINSAF is a membership organization open to Nigerians and people of African origin all over the world ,who can register KINSAF in their countries in order to develop a global body of KINSAF .

    KINSAF is conceptualized to attract and enjoy wide scale membership from across the globe. This essentially is intended to enable her achieve her broad based objectives and to serve as a focal point for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the accelerated development of micro/ small and medium scale industries particularly in Nigeria and on the African Continent in general. KINSAF focuses on using African Expertise.


    KINSAF’S INTEREST: KINSAF promotes the following among other agendas for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation:

    • Intensified cooperative formations, the knowledge and skills of cooperatives administration

    -Trade and Commerce Fairs, Workshops, Seminars and “round table” conferences promoting peace.

    • Economic, Industrial Social and Political development through clusters (micro and macro)
    • Culture and Cultural exchanges through Arts, Tourism, Exhibitions, Hospitality Development and exports via TRADE FAIRS .
    • Education, especially Adult Non-formal and Nomadic.
    • Rural Health Care delivery with emphasis on prevention and eradication infant and maternal mortality including the promotion of ethically conducive environment for Citizens to carry on their business and for business partnerships to develop.
    • Provision of portable water for rural and eater to sustain rural farming.
    • Youth Empowerment programmes in all sectors of the economy.
    • Products’ branding, packaging and pricing.
    • Promote Public-Private Partnerships [PPP] across all sectors initiatives particularly in the Agriculture, Agro-allied and in the area of Technological development in tune with global best practices and standards.
    • Harnessing and promoting natural resources